Friday, January 27, 2006

My lack of .02

So I found out today that baring any unforseen circumstances I am graduating from college on June 1, 2006 (yea, I know, it's later than yours but its also at Radio City Music Hall, so shove it). This is pretty awesome news. Before today graduation was this tangible thing that I knew was going to happen but didn't really think to hard about, kind of like the Amazing Race premeire or the next ice age.

So I sat down and did my graduation audit and was fairly happy at what I had achieved until I looked at my credits for my major. When I was picking classes for this semester I found out that I could get an Honors in English degree if I took this one particular class, which sounded like a good plan. Then I found out that I have to have a 3.5 in my major, which sounded totally cool. I had had some problems but overall I felt I did pretty great in my English classes. Then I figured out my GPA. 3.48. Seriously. I have a 3.4-fucking-8. I am less than a tenth of a point away from being able to get an honors degree and I am livid. I'm trying to calm down, because I have a whole semester to work this out and its good that I caught it now. I noticed that the one grade that stuck out was my B in Fiction 1. My professor at the beginning stressed her un-belief in the whole "grades" thing which to me means you should go ahead and give everyone who does the work at least a B+ or an A- because, why fuck up someone's life over your own personal "beliefs"

I sent my professor a very calm and understaded e-mail asking for her reasoning behind my grade and now I'm just waiting for a response because seriously, if that B were to magically become a B+?! I would be in the clear. And really, the fact that I came to all the classes and did all the work and participated and all that shit should really make the "+" unless its because I didn't cry in our little conference. Which means I'm just going to have to kill her.

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Lizzie said...

A few questions -

1. Why is that when Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" came on my itunes, I immediately thought of you?

2. When is your final show at UCB? I want to be there!

3. Can I come to Radio City Music Hall? Hunter College better be giving you 60 tickets a piece! Bitches.

She's pint-sized and amazing.