Thursday, September 16, 2010

cat got it

I am speechless.

Literally, my voice which has been on its way out for a few days (naturally being replaced with a huge sinus headache, drippy nose and general yucky feelings) is now completely gone.

I helped kick its ass out the door - with six hours of yelling in a gymnasium over 25 18-year olds and then a two hour meet and greet where I think I scared more kids than necessary (I mean, if a normal looking youngish adult started talking to you and she sounded like an 80 year old 6-pack-a-day smoker, and you were like seven, wouldn't you be confused?) and now its gone for a while.

Me not talking is pretty rough for me...but also for everyone around me. I discovered today as I tried to function that most of my day is dedicated to talking to people. Some of it can be done via e-mail, but a lot requires actual phone calls or meetings or just talking. So much talking.

So tomorrow I am taking a vocal rest day. One can only hope that the 20 or so voicemails that will have stacked up can wait until Monday.

On the flipside though - Its kind of nice not talking. Its oddly freeing and wonderful to just not make conversation when I don't want to (and even when I do). As someone who really (really) loves talking - its kind of nice to just...not.

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