Tuesday, January 11, 2011

another dilemma

I feel like I have dealt with some epic dilemmas on this blog.  Its all what should I do, what should I do?
And how here I am, faced again with that epic question.  This time we're talking about picking an apartment.

I'll preface this by saying I (once again) understand that this is a totally cosmetic problem to have.  I have a bed, I will continue to have a bed, in a house, with heat and love for the foreseeable future.  And I don't thank my lucky stars enough that that is my lot.  I know I worked incredibly hard to get myself to this point of self-sufficiency but it doesn't hurt to be dealt an okay hand of cards in the game of life.  And for that I understand that I am blessed.

So here's the choice.

And also - I should mention that both apartments have exactly what we need.  They are both 2 bed/2 bath with washer/dryer in unit.  They both have decent kitchens with bar style seating at the counter.  They each come with parking, a fireplace and a place to put our bikes.  We are incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to have all these things.  We are lucky sonsabitches.

To the debate! 

Apartment 1-
Location- Is located in my current neighborhood, which I love.  Its close to the red line (which is easily the best train line for many reasons), and the lake.  It has a sprinkling of delicious restaurants close by and we are within almost-spitting distance of Wrigley field (close enough to take in the spontaneous game, not so close that people pee on my lawn) It keeps me within walking distance of a grocery store, and a Target.  Plus one of my besties is around the corner and I can walk to iO, and beyond on a nice day (or even not so nice a day). 

Apartment Pros - It has a Murphy bed in the 2nd bedroom which is kind of awesome and gives us more space in that room to work with.  Also pretty good hall closet. And the location.  The location is huge pro.

Apartment Cons - It has negligible outdoor space (a small deck for a grill - that we would have to buy again since they don't allow gas OR charcol and then a rooftop deck that we would have to go downstairs & outside to utilize), it has no basement storage (it does have a huge hall closet which should fit all the out of sight/mind stuff but then its not really out of sight/mind - this might make us throw things away - could also be considered a pro).  The master bedroom closet is weak at best.  The landlord would live next door which would be kind of convenient but also make us always on our toes about noise and such.  Also its on the 3rd floor.  I am not used to climbing stairs.  Wah wah.

Apartment 2-
Location - This apartment is located in a totally different neighborhood, kind of on the outskirts.  It for sure has a different vibe but has far more delicious restaurants and a wider variety to boot.  Its much trendier and closer to downtown.  Its closer to the blue line, which is practical for getting to the airport and downtown, but not much else.  But its not really near any big chicago landmarks - and spontaneous baseball games would have to be decidedly less spontaneous.  And I would go from being a 15 minute walk to work/iO, to a 30 minute train-bus combo to work which would help me get some reading done, but would mean that the nights where I am at iO until 1, are followed by a cab or a rather long wait for the bus.  Also, for some reason, this apartment is located in like an abyss where groceries are concerned.  There is not a normal person (read - Not Whole Foods) for at least a mile (see also Target).

Pros- The most amazing view of the city you've ever seen.  I've always been a sucker for skylines and this one just takes my breath away.  Its so panoramic that you could not even really do it justice with a photo.  Also - it is, as I put to Boyfriend, a princess apartment in many ways.  It is more overly fancy than I really need.  But I mean, if you're going to offer me a fancy bathroom and a fancy kitchen, I am going to have a hard time saying no - especially when it is the same cost as a non-fancy apartment (I am a princess at heart).  It has a garage for the car, which means no more snow scraping, and some storage space.   

Cons- Location, smaller than I had hoped (but still usable) closets, 3rd floor (seriously lazy).

And well, that's really it.  It is almost like they cancel each other out, the niceness of the apartment cancels out the niceness of the location.  And the meh-ness of the other apartment cancels out the not-so-great-ness of the other location.

We've gotten ourselves into a pickle.  All suggestions welcome.

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