Sunday, January 30, 2011

check in

Hey Rachel,  you're doing really well with writing blogs but what about those other two resolutions?

Sigh.  I had a funny feeling this would happen - I managed to do so well writing and I'm really enjoying it - but I made THREE resolutions this year.  And so far from numbers 1 and 3 we are seeing a fat ton of nothing.  What gives?

Well.  I am BUSY.  

That's a weak excuse, but for the moment its what I have.  I can also say that I see the opportunity for massive improvements once I move (did ya hear, I'm moving??!  Its all I FREAKING talk about these days).  In the midst of not having built in reading time - and a gym/yoga studio/boot camp HQ that is not even close to being convenient I am not getting these things done like I thought I would.  

But once we are in the new place - I will start having a glorious 30 minutes purely dedicated to getting books read (and playing on my phone and listening to music and people watching).
AND!  My gym will start being smack dab in the middle of my commute.  My yoga studio will be some what awkward to get to from work - but an easy bus ride home afterward (there is nothing like sitting on a bus for 20 minutes after a bikram yoga class).  And the boot camp place will be a sweet 8 minute walk from the apartment - which will be nice because while getting up at 5:00 AM to get to boot camp is unfathomable, waking up at 5:40 is totally feasible (please note, both the yoga place and the boot camp are living social/groupon type places and so only require very, very temporary commitments).  

So check back with me in, like, March.  And see how I'm doing. 

But you're eating healthy and focusing really hard on work and not wasting all your time on Facebook, right?

Shhhhh...pass the guacamole

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