Saturday, January 08, 2011

a Saturday adventure

"Don't worry, Mom.  I'm seven, I am totally prepared for this adventure." - Mia

I have found a whole slew of really amazing things in the time that I have been in Chicago, but by far one of my most favorite has been improv for kids (I am lucky enough to play with two amazing groups Hogwash and Storytown).

Performing for kids is about one trillion times more rewarding than performing for adults.  You have to work a little harder on the offset, but once you have them, its almost impossible to disappoint them and they will tell you how much they love you.  I don't know when it became uncool to applaud and be excited when enjoying live theater, but its lame.  We should totally be clapping and cheering and coming up to people saying, "you were awesome."

And performing for kids is far more fun than adults.  You don't get the easy outs of dirty jokes and political humor.  You do, however, get the joy of fart jokes, the enemy of homework and the endless excitement of a chase scene where when you ask, "where did they go?" and everyone pointing one way, insisting that the person went the other way.  "Over here?" "Noooooo! Over there!" "Over here?" "Nooooooo!"

This morning, My name was Mia, and I was seven. I got to go to Narnia (which has been a dream of mine for well over forever) - and I got to save it from the White Witch, who on, my birthday (of all days) was making it the coldest day ever.  I went on an adventure to figure out a way to make it warmer, because all I had at my house was a blanket with a hole. At first there was an air conditioner that was sent by the White Witch to make it even colder!  And not the good kind of cold, the kind where you have to be inside ALL day AND do homework.  Then I was joined on my journey by three hilariously ridiculous snowmen who told terribly hilarious stories.  At the end of the journey we found the sun AND two Aslan the Lions who warmed everything up and made Narnia livable for ALL the animals.  As a thank you for making Narnia warm again and defeating the White Witch, all the animals and the snowmen made me Queen of Narnia.

And that all happened before noon.  There are very few things I can think of that are better to do on a Sunday morning than be made Queen of Narnia.

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