Thursday, February 03, 2011

Book 2 - Pride and Prejudice

Can you believe I've never read this?  Can you believe that this is the first Austen book I got through?

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Yeah - me neither.  I picked up P&P and Emma a few times during my childhood and could never slug my way through the language long enough to enjoy the story.  But now that I am older and infinitely more patient (...maybe).  I did it.  And it was totally worth it.

This book gave me heart palpitations.

I must say - it probably did not hurt anything to have already seen the Keira Knightley-movie-version of this book.  I thought it was meh (well, I did not like Keira Knightley OR Jena Malone but everyone else was lovely). I also saw the Wishbone version back in the day, so occasionally I would imagine Darcy as a Jack Russell Terrier which was great (also that TV show was awesome and should come back because it probably gave me a more solid foundation in classical literature than any English class).  And they gave me at least the foundation to know where the story is going.  And before you ask, yes, I have the BBC version at my house.  I am waiting for a particularly vicious bout of the flu or a broken leg or something to give me an excuse to lie on my couch and watch the whole thing end to end. 

Anyway, the book!  The book!  It took me a while because it is not a good read before sleeping book - as it makes me fall asleep.  The Austenien language is nothing if not soothing and melodic, not unlike a lullaby but when I did read it, I enjoyed every moment.  And there was some squealing.  I mean, there are parts of this book that are every young girls dream (I am not going to give away what happens - because I don't want this blog to be a cheat for some punk kid not interested in reading the book and just looking for a plot synopsis.  Do your homework).

Also, I don't know if you know this, but this book was written about my maternal grandmother, Granny.  I do not think I am kidding.  I am pretty sure Granny was the mold for Mrs. Bennett (I'll let my mother and aunts fight over who gets to be Elizabeth and who is stuck being Mary).  How the crazy things that she said sounded like things that could have come from Granny - how ones behavior so eerily mimics the other.  And how desperately they are just trying to do what is right by their daughters in their own crazy head.

It helps that Mr. Bennett also resembles my grandfather.  In both spirit and daily practice.  Not everyone gets a Jane Austen book written about her beloved grandparents.  The comparison ends there - as none of my aunts/mother really embodies any of the daughters (my mother is livid right now - insisting that she does too embody the character of Lizzy.  Sorry Mom). 

Anyway - it was delightful.  And when it did get slow, I pushed through knowing that good things would happen.  I am excited to wait a few books - and then pick up the next one.

Other things I like:
-Lady Catherine de Bourgh.  Oh man.  So much crazy in such a big lady.  This is obviously the part that I would want to play.  I bet you get to wear some sweet hats.
-Descriptions of "the grounds" - I dig large houses with gardens.
-Now that I have read the whole thing I can buy things from this Etsy store without feeling like a poser.
-Dudes that brood.  Mmm.  Brooding.
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CD56 said...

None of us measured up to Elizabeth

She's pint-sized and amazing.