Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Here are the pictures I took with my super crappy cell phone (when I am going to learn that I need to use my actual camera for things??) of our snow.  I am much to lazy to go outside - but you can catch the general drift (hehehe, drift).

Out our front windows.  Some background info - we live on two fairly major streets in the some-what North part of the city.  When we first woke up they were both plowed pretty well - and then it started snowing again and I guess they gave up.

Same view - but here you can see the bus stop shelter (bottom right corner).  Last night a Ford Escape-esque Cab ran into the side wall (the skinny side) and totally shattered it.  When I walked past there was glass ALL over the sidewalk and the teenage passengers and cab driver were trying to push it out of the snow bank.  It was a total disaster and I just walked away (since I was completely frozen and very close to being home).  Now I am terrified that if there are people walking around out there they are going to slice open their feet on glass that is now buried under about a foot of snow.  I have tried calling 311 but its been busy every time (no huge surprise there).

And then I was going to take a picture of our back deck but when I opened the back door there was a surprise.  Snow INSIDE the apartment!  Not enough inside that I am going to do anything about it - but just enough inside that I am not planning to go out any time soon.  Also the entire top of the screen door is covered in snow so you can't really see much anyway.

I plan to spend the rest of my snow day inside.  Boyfriend and I are working at our wee little kitchen table that we never use because it was easier to drag close to the fire than our huge dining room table.  We're both in our jammies sipping tea and being quiet.  Just enjoying our very, very lackadaisical snow adventure.

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