Sunday, March 27, 2011

Book 6.1 - The Hunger Games

I didn't have a plan in place for re-reads.  At this point they don't count.  But I still want to talk about them.

I am not going to say that this is my favorite book ever, because while appropriately hyperbolic for me, its not quite true.  I will say its for sure the best book I discovered in 2010.  And by discovered I mean was sent by C. McKim.  My book hero (for serious - if you're ever on the hunt for a good book - check her blog.  Its updated frustratingly infrequently, but its my go-to for new reading material).

Anyway.  I started re-reading this because now that the protagonist has been (irritatingly) cast I wanted to read it again from a screen-writing perspective (not that I have been hired to write the screen-play, but I feel like I should make myself available to step in).

This story is made to be a movie, y'all.  Suzanne Collins knows exactly where her bread is buttered and for that - I salute her.  Its not everyone who can make a really compelling book that will also make a really compelling movie.

Upon reading this book for the third time I noticed a few things -

1- Katniss is frustratingly dense sometimes.  Perhaps this is a by-product of growing up in the seam and having "not starving to death" being your one and only mental focus day in and day out.  So much mental energy is spent staying alive you don't spend enough time learning about subtle nuances and reading between the lines.  Eventually she gets with the effing program, but Gah.

2- I am still, most definitely (for the period of the first book at least) solidly on Team Gale.  Grow a spine, Peeta.  Maybe it's Katniss's stupidity that's to blame, but I still vote Team Gale all the way.

3- I am still not quite sure how to sell this book to others.  When someone asks what its about, I'm always like, " Erm? Post apocalyptic America annnnd reality television?  And also young people in love.  Oh, and teenagers killing each other."  That being said - I started a Hunger Games revolution in Chi-city in the 25-and-older demographic.  You're welcome, Miss Collins.

I don't know why these books are so good - but they are.  And they are a delightful guilty pleasure.  Favorite moment this month?? - Hunger Games in a Sunday night bubble bath with a glass of wine.  Epic Win.

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that mckim girl said...

Thanks for the shout out BUT Peeta for the win. I heart him.

She's pint-sized and amazing.