Monday, April 04, 2011

spare change

Here are some of the reasons I will always be poor:

1- I don't really have any "marketable" skills.  ie - I cannot program a computer, fight a legal battle, repair a heart, talk to you about your feelings, or fill prescriptions at your local pharmacy.  Which means I will always make $20,000 less than my brain is truly worth.

2- I like it when other people cook and do the dishes.

3- I have a hard time saying no to adventures.

4- Not having enough money is never a good enough excuse not to go see a play, concert or ballet when the opportunity arises. 

5- I find beer to be delicious.  The fancier/more plentiful the better.

6- I like buying shoes.  And bags. And shirts. And jeans.

7- I can't do things by myself and so, to entice others to hang out with me, I tend to buy. 

8- I like giving presents - especially when they're least expected.

9- Groupon.

10- I tend to choose "play more," over "work more."


Jenna H said...

So I've been pondering my own poverty for the past few days, and now I no longer need to thanks to this brilliant, concise summary that is identical to my own (if you add a capital "S" next to 'Concert' in #4, and add "YouSwoop, YelpDeals, etc" to #9 ;).

Rachel said...

Hahaha. I'm glad I could help out. Although I think that in pondering it again I would have to add an unhealthy addiction to used books. And Sleep More > Work More to #10.

She's pint-sized and amazing.