Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Little City State of Mind

My heart will always belong in a big city.  Which big city is up for debate but I feel the most comfortable wrapped in the anonymity that these places provide.  That being said - my heart strings are being tugged, hard, for my little-big hometown right now.

One of the top 5 things Frederick, MD has going for it is the Maryland Ensemble Theater.  Truly, truly one of the most wonderful things that's been part of my life.  Anyway - in my time hanging out at the MET, like a stray hoping for scraps, I got to know Rona.

Rona is just...awesome?  I mean, pick some compliments out of a hat and they all work for her.  In her real life she was a DJ for a local radio station (she was Rona on the Road, if you will).  She's been on the same station for 17 years - up until just a few days ago when she "Left." Which is the PC way of saying the weenies running the show (which has a "new format" and a new "parent company") kicked her to the curb, but said they were sorry.

This is not the story to me though.  People lose jobs all the time - especially in radio (an especially with all that "new format" business), even people who deserve their jobs, who have been doing them forever and are very good at them lose their jobs - losing jobs is just a part of life.

But the outpouring of love and support for Rona is what makes my heart rise up into my throat.  How amazing to have a whole city of people shouting from the rooftops how much they love you.  Especially, this city which is full of people who all seem to spend most of their time complaining about each other (don't believe me?  Spend some quality time reading the reader comments on the Frederick News Post - particularly any article focused on housing developments or helping poor people - two things this town cannot seem to agree on). 

This is one of these things I miss about small town living.  This sense of true community - of knowing the woman who does the traffic on the radio station, of seeing people that you know on the street and not having it be a strange anomaly, but a lovely addition to the day, and to know the people who serve you coffee and work at your bank - and not just know them in those roles, but in their roles as parents and musicians and soccer coaches.

Its almost enough to make me go back to that world.  That love and support cannot truly be replicated in the world of public transit and .  And while I do revel in walking down the street and knowing that no one knows my business, I can see the benefits of the grass on the other side.

And to Rona who deserves whatever the eff she wants - You're a gem.  And you're loved.  No matter what happens tomorrow or the next day, you are truly loved.  I feel like that may be better than a job.

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