Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the number one

Here is one of the things I ponder as I am panicking about parts of my real life:

How much of my e-mail goes to a complete stranger?

My email address is MyfirstnameMylastname1 (at) my not at all the most popular domain on the planet (dot) computers.  Or is it communications?  Whatever.

This is super annoying because obviously I really wanted MyfirstnameMylastname (at) blah blah blah but it was already taken.  Which is Weird because according to some other stupid website there are only like three people in the world with my name (this is probably not true but it makes my point better) - how did one of them get to it first?  What a jerk for being more tech savvy than me.

And I had a few other options I could have used but I got the crazy idea in my brain that the best idea was to just stick a 1 on the end and continue in my bitterness.

Obviously, I now know that this was a dumb idea.  Why?  Because sometimes its hard for people to comprehend what I mean when I say, "my email address is Myfirstname Mylastname and the number one at..." I do not know any other way to say it.  And yet, it trips people up constantly.  Maybe its because I spell my name out for them (you will spell it wrong the first time...it's cool, but you will) and so they are in the spelling zone so that when I say, "the number one" they mentally go, "okay. t-h-e-n-u, oh wait what? eff this."

And then there are those who read it or just hear me say it without writing it down who forget the crucial one and so the email never gets to me.  Instead it goes to someone else with my name (who has like, zero google hits, btdubs) and she get all the cool free things and awesome potential adventures.  Or whatever I'm missing.

Anyway - I hope she is enjoying all of the best things that I am imagining exist for her but not me (Bears tickets, for sure.  And probably a job interview or two).  She probably has like the awesome version of my life.  I hope she's grateful.

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