Wednesday, May 04, 2011


In the midst of being a zombie with lists - I also became a person with a plane ticket to Iceland.


It won an epic Facebook comment battle to be my June vacation of choice (maybe some other time, Costa Rica).

I am incredibly excited (we leave in 49 short days!) and also incredibly overwhelmed by how little I know about the next stamp in my passport.  There are some things I do know:

1- It will be daylight 22 hours a day while I'm there.  As someone who prefers total darkness when she sleeps - this is going to be an interesting experience for my circadian rhythms.  But it also means that we will get so much more done.  So many travels I've had - you feel the need to stop looking at things once it becomes dark outside.  It makes sense (seeing how hard it is to look at things without light).   But here, we could essentially be taking touristy photographs all day long.

2 - Apparently Iceland is one of the safest places in the world.  The cops don't carry guns, everyone hitchhikes and people leave their doors unlocked (okay maybe not that last one, but...yeah) after recent events, this will be a hard thing to truly swallow as real, but I am still excited to be in a place where people are truly trusting.

3 - Geysers, Volcanoes, Glaciers, Lagoons, Fissures, Fjords, and the place where the earth's plates are splitting.  My brain is going to explode from all the geographical buzz words.  Having never experienced any of these things - I am so stoked to learn about all the amazing things the Earth has going for it. 

Planning an Iceland trip, getting all my actual work done and being unzombafied means that blogs might take a back seat.  They'll still exist, but they won't be the diamonds and sapphires of wit and wisdom you are so accustomed to.  More the precious gemstones you purchase in the fancy locked case at Claire's. 

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Susie Rosso Wolf said...

Well, you sound like an incredibly interesting person with a fascinating life. Compared to my life, anyway! But, stop by the prairie to read excerpts and snippets of my New Prairie Woman true story novel, comment and follow if you can. Perhaps a good read while you're traveling?

Best to you! Have a delicious time of it!

She's pint-sized and amazing.