Wednesday, May 11, 2011

lunge your face

Dear Rachel,

Hey Fatty!  Remember when you made a New Year's Reservation to work out more?  How's that going?  PS- walking to the kitchen for a left over Reese's Easter Egg and then eating it and a cadbury caramel egg doesn't count.


Okay but seriously.  This is a problem.  I have been to the gym about three times in the past month (that is a very generous estimate) and now that Boyfriend's office is no longer on the way to the train, I have no excuse to walk anywhere.  On a really rough day in the office I get some stair climbing in, but those tend to also be the days I eat four or five two-bit "all butter" cinnamon rolls.  Rendering all fake attempts at exercise null and void.

Bikram is a blog post that must be written because my thoughts on it are too pretentious for just my own mind.

But things are turning around for every one's favorite couch potato.  One of the best ladies this side of Ohio is starting a personal training business and she's taken on me as one of her first clients!  I've only met with her once, but if that half-session was any indication, this is going to be insane.

The session itself was actually really fun in a torturous sort of way.  I am not quite sure how anyone can be that gd cheerful about squats and yet, there she was - a ray of pulse, pulse sunshine.  I knew it was a work out, but its hard to be sad when others are so happy.

The next day was a different matter.  Despite taking a bath to sooth my poor muscles and some advil - I was in so much pain that I was pretty sure the next logical step was double amputation.  There was nothing about life that wasn't painful.  I'm sure it didn't help that I spent the next two days adventuring with my mom and then working with kids.  But seriously - it was ridiculous

At one point on Friday, as one of the kids in my program decided to make a run for it (as they are wont to do since I spend my time torturing them with books and free food), I finally had to call out for him to stop and I explained, "seriously, I cannot chase you anymore."

This moment of honesty and pathetic-ness stopped him in his tracks.  He realized I was not kidding and came back.

I'm pretty much all back to normal now and super stoked for my next torture session.  2 of these monsters a week, plus a gym workout?  Doubtful, but maybe, just maybe I'll put the Peeps down and get  serious.

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