Sunday, September 18, 2011

Couch yogi

Work-out videos are real, real, real silly but effective.

I still find working out to be easily the worst way to spend my time, so I am trying to shorten the amount of time I spend thinking about it.  So I cut out the tedious prep work - carrying gym stuff to work, and then to the gym and then spending any time at all in the gym locker room (blech) and then being smelly in public.

So I am reverting to at-home work out videos.  So I can be sweaty in my own house and it doesn't require luggage.

The best thing, other than the feeling of hilarious and absurd self-consciousness (why you are embarrassed? No one can see you...) is the wonderful and all encompassing 90's-ness of these videos.

Perhaps there are some work-out videos that were made after 1995, but they don't let you watch them for free on Netflix.  So I have to assume that they stopped making work-out videos shortly after they discovered the internet.

I stick mostly with pilates and yoga videos and its interesting to see the number of dudes they put in these.  At most there is one dude wearing like old soccer shorts and a neon tank top - and he looks really uncomfortable.  As if he is deathly afraid of one of his brahs is going to accidently catch sight of him in one of these videos and never let him hear the end of it.

The one guy is stuck in the back along with the "overweight" girl who is so overeager and excited to be doing shape your buns pilates that she makes me feel bad about myself.  And I mean, its television and she is probably not at all fat, its just that she's standing next to a bunch of twigs in yoga pants and crop tops.

Ultimately, doing 30 minutes of pilates in my living room isn't going to make too much of a difference, especially since I answer my phone, spend time shoo-ing away my cat, and get distracted by noises outside the window.

Easily the best part of these videos is the 60-or-so seconds after the exercising is over and the leader and all of her little yoga minions stand around and pretend to be happy and talk to each other about things like the new sushi joint around the block and mens' inability to commit.  When clearly the leader-girl is desperate for everyone to be her friend and not talk about her behind her back, and the other people are wondering if their getting paid for this and where they can get a gd doughnut (just like me).


Tierra said...

There are workout videos on Netflix?! Bring. It. On.

Rachel said...

Yeah, they are hard to locate, but there are tons of Crunch videos on there. Get ready for lots of neon
colored crop tops.

She's pint-sized and amazing.