Sunday, March 14, 2010

All Done.

So Wheel Weekend is over, and I learned a lot. But mostly I hurt myself today and so became well aware of the fact that despite my best efforts I am not eight or twelve years-old anymore.

The injury was simple enough, I was told to keep my arms straight no matter what, and then of course, when I fell down, I kept my arms straight and didn't bend them to brace for the impact. Dumb, but I was following directions.

Thankfully, I did not break anything, just jammed up some ligaments. And I'll be fine in a few days, but for now I can't really lift things, or push or pull anything heavy with my left hand. It could be way worse as the left-hand is the writing, page turning, and fork holding hand in this body. So right now there is just dull pain that gets sharper when I forget that its there and try to do anything.

I feel kind of like an idiot because as much time as I spend convincing myself that things look easy and accessibly, I spend as much (if not more) telling myself that I can still do all of these things and push my body like I could as a kid. And its frustrating when I am (painfully) reminded that I am old and brittle.

Wheel weekend was fun and I'm excited (once healed) to keep learning more. There is a wheel weekend with a show in October. I would really like to perform in the show, probably not by myself and for no more than a minute or so, but I haven't done anything choreographed on stage in awhile and it would be lovely to return to that.

And until then, taking pictures is just as good.
And in exciting news - it is going to be in the 50's this week! Hooray! Flip flop weather!

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