Tuesday, March 09, 2010


So according to Oprah (pretty much the most reliable source out there) - one of the most important parts of eating "smart" (please note that that is "smart" not "healthy") is not eating after 9 PM. It makes a ton of sense when you think about it - your metabolism shuts down at night which means you just let crap sit in there blah blah fatty mcfatpants.

I have been trying to be fairly vigilant about this whole Cinderella-esque thing. Please note, I still eat cookies for breakfast and icing on a spoon - so I am keeping a fairly level head about losing weight.

The problem is my life is completely non-conducive to this most nights unless I pack like a flippin' squirrel or spend an absurd amount of money on out-there-in-the-world food. Most nights when I leave my house around 7 or 8 AM I do so with the knowledge that I won't be home before 8 PM. If I eat breakfast at 8 - there are still 12 unaccounted hours in that day. If you're a Wookie like me, that is at least 2 meals. I do pride myself on small meals, but still that is a LOT of food storing and when you also factor in the gym clothes and the laptop and everything else.

So I only eat one meal in that time which leaves me grouchy beyond belief (no seriously ask anyone who hangs out with me) and then I come home and its like 8:52. Sigh.

So I don't eat, because Oprah SAYS. SO. and then I sit and do work and watch Lost and I'm starving.

Thanks Oprah.

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