Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sunflower Pose Off

One of the sweet things about one of my jobs (which at the end of the month will become my former job) is that they offer a free yoga class for employees on Wednesday nights. Its one of those things that I try to take advantage of, but because its free I don't put enough intrinsic value in it, so I skip it most weeks.

I managed to go yesterday and it was nice and yoga-like until we were doing "sunflower" where you stand in second position (so with your feet wider apart than your hips) and your feet turned out (so that your toes are facing the corners of the room instead of the front) and then you plie (bend your knees but keep your heels on the ground and chest up) and do a port-a-bras (make outwards semi-circles with your arms meeting at the top and the bottom).

While we were doing it, the yoga teacher, who has the voice of a Splenda packet, keeps telling us that it is okay to stick your butt out a little bit to get a deeper stretch and I rolled my eyes. IN YOGA. Which is like the opposite of everything that Mr. Yoga wanted this to be about.

Here's the thing. After 20 years of thinking about movement in regards to ballet, sticking your butt out while bending your knees is Unacceptable. For SO many reasons. First of all, it looks atrocious and its not good for your back and it goes from being a good stretch and a pose that can almost be flattering to something looking akin to a dog dropping a duece.

So I flat out ignored everything she said and continued to do grand plies in second, knowing that I was right and she was wrong. And that brought me inner peace.

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