Friday, January 13, 2012

The time is now

I don't normally write about politics because I believe someone who admittedly gets a majority of her news from The Daily Show and the Wonkette app for iPhone can't really call herself educated. And if I am going to spend most of my waking moments judging people for talking about things they know nothing about - I feel like I should keep my mouth shut when I can.

Despite the fact that I am some what undereducated, I still have Beliefs and Concerns. These aren't knowledge-based so much as they are intuition and morals-based. And really, they are what shape my political ideals (that's fairly standard, right?).

At any rate, this Ron Paul kid has been garnering a whole bunch of attention and I heard all of these people, who, I thought, shared my Beliefs and Concerns, saying how they thought he was the right choice.  So I did that internal double take, the one where you don't say, "Wait. What?" out loud because you feel like clearly there is something you're missing.  There is no way these people would be for a candidate who, you're pretty sure, is a blatant racist, and misogynist

Welp. Turns out I was right on this one. Ron Paul is exactly as bad as I thought he was before. Thanks to Tim Wise for breaking it down all simple & metaphorical like right here.

And if you are a Ron Paul fan - please read this op ed piece and let me know if you have a counter argument.  I know I came down a little harsh and if you think I am wrong - I am legitimately interested in hearing the argument for this candidate.  I mean that completely seriously.  Please tell me that I (and Tim Wise) are wrong and explain how.

Until then, Tim Wise is my favorite for making me feel like even if I don't know a lot, my gut tends to be pretty spot on.

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