Friday, August 23, 2013

It's not Wednesday but...

My friend LaLa noticed something and called me out last weekend, and I've been thinking about it ever since.

I was proudly announcing that the first deposit had been made in my Roth IRA (a discovery that was only made after a panicked 5:30 am phone call to ING thinking someone hacked my account - naturally). 

"I'm almost a grown-up!" with a flourish I ended the story.

"You're always almost a grown-up. Are you ever going to get over that hump?" (I am paraphrasing but that is pretty much what she said.

I look at my life on this Friday morning, I'm dressed in my sensible, walking-around work flats and a dress I've owned  for over ten years that has some stories to tell. I'm going to a real job, but one that is "technically" only four days a week. I have strong opinions at work and people take me seriously. I am scared of most of the people in my office because I don't want to bother them. My hair is dirty because most mornings, I am too lazy to get up to wash it. I am wearing eyeliner but a sweater with a hole in it. My weekend includes a trip to Michigan wine country. And then hungoverly running 3 miles to get a cheeseburger, all because of an inside joke that was taken too far. My week has been full of working really hard and then staying up too late drinking and having fun. I have a wonderful, healthy relationship with a guy, who spent the morning trying to put a clementine in my cleavage. I feel like I have built myself a home and a community. I still think about leaving all this and moving somewhere warm, or foreign or both. I have no interest in marriage or children except for the fact that they are both excuses to get presents and throw parties. I still writing this blog full of meaningless drivel, even though I know that real, grown-up blogs are supposed to have mission and focus.

Not over the hump yet.  

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