Monday, August 19, 2013

TYOE: San Francisco, part 1.

So, on the last day of this trip - I got offered my current job, which promptly threw my life into a tailspin. And then there was the fact that we did so.much during this trip that I was overwhelmed about trying to blog about it. But I figured it all out. A post for San Fran food and then an extra bonus post for all the things we did including off-site field trips.

Cool? Cool.

Guys. First things first.


Seriously. I feel like everyone just assumed that I would know this. Why would I know this? Ya jerks. Needless to say, I was bummed, and so were my calves. I'm sure when you live there you get used to it, but nothing like walking around all day, only to be faced with gd. Mount Everest to get home.

I'm a lazy girl, but I tried to be real cool about it. Except I complained all the time. But just to Boyfriend, who is contractually obligated to love me anyway.

This trip, because it had so many parts and pieces that we had to do, it required an excel spreadsheet. No joke. We are such nerds.

Where We Ate (at least most of the places):
Chowder Hut Grill. This was literally the first thing we did after we dropped off our luggage. There are a million spots to grab a bread bowl right on the wharf, but we went to the one that seemed to be the most reasonably priced with a decent amount of seating. It did not disappoint. I wanted to eat about 400 billion bread bowls full of crab chowder. My heart. Oh. Its been 10 weeks, I still want it all the time, just propped up on my big old belly (that is full of previously slurped chowder).

Pat's Cafe. The first time we tried to go to Mama's the line was dumb. It was raining, it was 10:00 a.m. and it was the stupidest line I have ever seen. So we went to Pat's. It was good. Really, it is much harder to ruin eggs and avocado than it is to make yummy and delicious. Way to not screw up, Pats.

Jaspers. This place was recommended by a friend and it was pretty delicious. It was so hipster-y (I guess the best restaurants are these days) but the marmalade on my cheese burger made up for all the plaid button-downs.

Great Eastern. Boyfriend was apparently terrified of Dim Sum (as I am sure many folks from Indiana are) and so we got just regular chinese food. He experienced his first moo shoo pork and I regaled him with the story of how Buttmunch and I used to just eat the pancakes with white rice and plum sauce. This is to say, this food was totally fine chinese food. Probably better than I am used to, but  not so authentic that I was nervous.

Mama's. This place had a line around the corner at 8:00 a.m. on a Monday in the middle of May. I was expecting to have the most amazeballs, game changing brunch of my life. And I was? Satiated, but not blown away. I mean, yeah - that was a decent crab benedict and Boyfriend's cranberry-orange french toast was good, but...citizens of San Francisco there is so much else out there in the world of Brunch. Come to Chicago, we shall rock your world.

Lou's Fish Shack. We had a Groupon, which was good because this was so overpriced and touristy. But it was also kind of perfect for our epic post-bike ride meal. We were exhausted and did not want to have to think or plan anything. So to have a reservation somewhere just blocks from our hotel that served totally adequate sea food that filled us up. We were happy, touristy campers.

Zushi Puzzle. In an attempt to be true San Franciscans rather than tourists for a night, we tracked down a regular old sushi joint in the middle of nowhere. It tasted pretty much exactly like any decent sushi place in Chicago, which was a relief.

Ghiradelli's. Boyfriend remembers coming here with his family and I am a total sucker for nostalgia and ice cream. The wait is dumb, the portions are huge, but you have to do it. So do it.

If nothing else, all this traveling we have done has made us incredibly grateful that we live in Chicago which, to us, feels like one of the best foodie cities in the universe. And not only is the food in Chicago amazing, it is accessible. Sure we're home to Alinea, but we're also home to Kuma's Corner, and the Bongo Room. Amazing food in Chicago is not super expensive and not too hard to find, and maybe it's because we're living in tourist land when we travel, but we have struggled to find any city that matches it.

That being said - none of the food in San Fran disappointed. You cannot go wrong with fresh fish or sourdough bread and they worked that angle so hard. Well done, hipsters. Well done.

Eventually, I'll get around to talking about all the super fun things we did.

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