Tuesday, August 27, 2013


So I'm about 8 months late, and 10 years too old for this party but I am currently obsessed with snapchat.

One of my coworkers, who I think of a classy southern girl who knows where the party's at, introduced me at a post-work function. Desperate for her approval and perhaps slightly over served, I signed up and connected with all my friends.

I was surprised by how many people I knew on the site. Then I had a sudden thought, 

"Is everyone sending dick pix without me?"

If they are, that's fine (gross, but fine). But my knowledge of snapchat was it was just the newest, trendiest ways to send pictures of your junk (oh, technology, you're the best). Junk pictures, I thought were reserved for politicians and sixteen year-olds who don't quite understand how the internet works.

Turns out, while this is all probably incredibly accurate - snapchat is also just a straight communication tool and useful for taking pictures of things no one cares about (snap chat- for when instagramming will just take too.long) and the ugliest pictures of your own face imaginable.

Perhaps it's just my tribe, but most snapchats look like this:

And include text that could just as easily be provided via text message.

Granted, it is primarily my baby sister (who, at 20, is exactly who snapchat was made for) who communicates like this, but my fraaaaands do it too. 

My question is why? Why do we take pictures of our faces/computer screens/doodles/drinks/sketchy fellow commuters? Is it because they aren't permanent? Ugly faces are okay as long as they are temporary? Or we just don't like to waste the precious memory on our phones? 

My personal problem is I always want to write too much and the thing only allows for like 100 characters. Clearly, my words are worth more than my face.

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