Monday, December 12, 2005

and so it begins....again.

I don't know why, but this morning I got increadibly frustrated at both myspace and livejournal. Pair that with the fact that I refuse to post the same entry in two blogs, forcing me to be doubly creative (which sometimes makes the head go hurty) and that I'm secretly (or not so secretly) jealous/in love with Courtney and Lizzie's blogspot blogs. I demanaded one too. As we head down this journey of discussing the banalities of my life, you'll come to realize that I am a very demanding individual.

At any rate, I've been playing this blog game since June of 2002, which is a long time ago. I now have a total of (wait for it) three blogs. This being my fourth and final (for the moment). All the vintage stuff is gonna go somewhere so you can see what I was like as a freshly minted high school graduate (pretty much the same) and where I'm going when I graduate from college this coming spring (hopefully a place where attractive men faun over me).

I have a dork infested love of various blogs written by strangers, friends and friends of friends alike. Read them. They're really disturbingly funny and talented. I learned everything I know from them.

I've decided that the layout of blogspot is much more friendly to the blogger inside that wants to be an extrovert. Navigating myspace and livejournal is a time consuming process filled with half naked women and complete lunatics. That said here's where all the good stuff is going to go. Memes, announcements and things that need to be said three or four times will get copied into other blogs. But here's where the magic's gonna happen; if you can call discussing the finer points of Patrick Dempsy's hair and why I need to stop drinking mind erasers before I get arrested, magic.

That said. This is me. And thanks for hanging out.


that mckim girl said...

Love the new blog!

I know, that's why I switched: it is so much more blogger-friendly here! And so much easier to post pictures, which is uber-important to life. Obviously.

Let me tell you something...I just realized that my main guy, Marshall, from my NaNo is described much like Patrick Dempsey. Dark, messy hair...permanent five o'clock shadow...

I am so tired of being at work. Gag.

Lizzie said...

I have had blogs on:
Blogger (first one was in 1999, think I posted once)
Freeopendiary (started when it was just opendiary, freshman year of college, there was probably a little bit of genius on those pages. Periodically updated through the winter of my sophomore year)
Blogger again (summer after sophomore year when I was living in DC, needing to shout into the void. Pretty sure no one knew it existed. It then became a repository of feelings of self-doubt and outward hatred during a certain dark period in my life.)
Myspace (posted exactly twice, with the final post directing my legions of dedicated and disappointed fans to...)
Current blog on blogger - bookmarked on thousands of computers worldwide, no doubt.

Welcome to the blogspot!

She's pint-sized and amazing.