Wednesday, December 21, 2005

silver linings

The transit strike still completely blows, in case you thought otherwise. I had to pretty much run 20 blocks yesterday so I could take a final while snot dripped oh-so-sexily out of my nose like a leaky faucet. You would think that we would do this transit strike thing in the spring. Early May would be nice for a strike. It's also very possible that this strike could go until early I probably shouldn't jinx it. And just like with all incredibly sucktastic things, the transit strike too has its good qualities.

They held off until Monday night giving me a chance to find a floor to sleep on in Manhattan so only had to walk 2.37 miles instead of 8.28.

Today I walked that 2.37 miles and will walk another 1.83 miles with a 20 lb. duffle bag on my shoulders which pretty much means I'm done with exercise until mid-February.

Making it onto my train will constitute a small Christmas miracle and if that isn't cause for celebration with club-car booze, I don't know what one is.

Bonding effect. I've noticed this in New York. People don't ever talk to strangers (because why would you?) except when bad shit is going down then everyone is your best friend. While I'm not a stranger in this office (I've been working here on and off for about 3 months) I don't really know anyone but since yesterday I've just been chatting up a storm with all the people who normally just walk right past me.

And after today, the transit strike won't affect me. Horray! I've pretty much decided that I probably won't be back in the city until after it's over.

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that mckim girl said...

You can totally move in with me until the transit strike is over. I'm sure they need temps in Baltimore. There will be that whole 'how do I get to school' thing, but we have schools here, too.

Anyway, we have a room opening up in our house in January. Think about it.

She's pint-sized and amazing.