Thursday, December 15, 2005

Official Irony of The Week

So all these people were really rude to me this morning in the temp office du jour because they were being too loud during a board meeting and kept telling them to shh. The people in charge took pity on me and told me to help myself to the most delicious free office food in the whole world (chicken, pesto pasta, salad, salmon, bagels, fruit etc) because they felt so bad. They were pretty much telling me to eat my birthweight in free office food for feeling bad about myself. "Eat your feelings!" Was the subconcious message. And so I sat at the front desk with a big ass plate of food, occasionally answering the phone with a wad of masticated bagel in my mouth until I ate so much I pretty much wanted to die and now I'm considering the consequences of unbuttoning my grown up pants.

The office of the day: Weight Watchers Corporate Headquarters

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