Tuesday, December 20, 2005

new rule

Okay. I don't know if perhaps you live under some sort of large rock or something but if you have the internet access you should know that Christmas was effing canceled in NYC at like 3 this morning.

So, if you know this, you can safely assume that if you are attempting to communicate with someone who is based in New York City they probably had some sort of wrench thrown in their morning commute that probably forced them to wake up an extra hour or two early so they could hike like a friggin' nomad to the office that doesn't care about them anyway.

And in knowing this and being a sentinent human being you should probably get the fact that they may be a little crabby as its approximatly four degrees outside and business casual attire on a whole is not really made for Arctic treking.

So, for the love of all that is good and holy, do not yell at these people! Do not talk to them like they came to school on the short bus! Do not mutter under your breath or sigh like you have the worst life ever! It will really make them just want to hang up on you because they're cold and tired and may have just walked the equivelent of a marathon to talk to your car-riding, subway-taking ass.

So we're clear on this right?

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