Thursday, December 29, 2011

99 blog problems

As I come ever so much closer to not meeting my goal of writing 150 blogs in 365 days I have realized a few things that I hope to work on in the coming year.

Take more pictures.  I am bad at this.  All the best blogs are covered in photos.  And the bloggers take photos of mundane things that help the story.  They take pictures of food and shoes and artsy-half-shots of peoples faces.  More photos.  Then I need less words!  Brilliant.

Make a date. I have found I write best around 10 PM, on the couch in my jammies.  Unfortunately, I have found I am also very good at trolling facebook around this time.  I need to just make myself write every day.  With any luck the habit will help.

Write about my feelings.  While this blog is mildly entertaining (sort of?) it lacks any sort of actual depth.  And I think I either need to get way funnier, or start talking about feelings... I'll take some time to figure out which is best.

And so that's that.  I'll follow these rules and magically there will be more blog, right?! Right.

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