Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Yes, and... Maybe later

My relationship with the improv world in Chicago is tenuous at best.  It boils down to the fact that I don't have the capacity (financial or otherwise) to hang out and get drunk until all hours during the week (or even on the weekend).

So I've always been on the outskirts.  Most people have no idea who I am, despite the fact that I know them.  They occasionally learn my name, we'll have an evening of exchanging life stories and declaring ourselves "good friends," and then the next time I see them - I am a stranger.

This is not me saying they are bad people, because (for the most part) they are not.  I hardly ever take that extra step to be all, "hey, remember that amazing night we shared full of PBR and comedy bits?"  I am sure if I jogged their memories, they would be perfectly nice - but I am too shy.

At any rate - the holidays are really the only times I am ever a member of the improv social scene, because the drinks are cheaper and I care less about other obligations that require me to function at early hours. And also because it's Christmas. And if you can't make friends with people who will not remember your name the next day at Christmas, when can you?

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