Thursday, December 15, 2011

Probably Dying*

For the past few days, I have been experiencing this bizarre sensation - every two hours or so, the outside of my right thigh will warm up, like I've put a heating pad on it, or there is a vent next to me that has just turned on.  It sticks around for a minute or so and then it goes away.

The first few times I thought it was a vent near my seat, or something in my bag (which, when over that shoulder tends to hit that part of my leg) overheating (?? - clearly this was not something I really put that much thought into) - but then I noticed it happening even when I was just sitting and (duh) there was nothing in my bag. 

So what do I do?

Look on the internet.  Of course.

This has been even more impractical because it seems that there is this population of people who get this and no one seems to know what makes it happen, but they post like three times about how its happening and they don't know what's causing it and they're going to see some specialists...and then they stop posting.  They never come back to tell us what the eff is going on.

To me - this means they all died.  The answer cannot possibly be that people are demanding of free medical advice on the internet, but when they don't receive it they just go see someone but then never come back to give the rest of us overly-warm-on-the-right-side Folks an idea of what is happening.

People have speculated totally obvious things that would fit (B12 deficiency, stress, anxiety, pinched nerve, back problems) but also super terrifying things that I do not want to think about (MS, blood clots) and so now I am left feeling even more freaked out and terrified that I was before I googled my symptoms.

Mostly its one of those things I am having trouble ignoring.  It isn't like a pain in my back that goes away with some advil (I refuse to put any drugs in my system due to the blood clot piece) and it isn't like a runny nose that you just, you know, deal with - its this overwhelming sense of warmth - like my thigh is on a beach in Jamaica while the rest of me is here.

So anyway, if I post one or two more times and then you never hear from me again - I'm probably dead because my right leg is in the tropics and I am here.

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