Thursday, December 01, 2011

Thursday's Best Internet Finds! Spending all the dollars edition

My friends are not all really talented writers, they are also amazing creators.

And since it is the season of buying and gifting - why don't you step away from the Target and support some lil businesses that are truly lovely.

Two of my friends make some of the most gorgeous jewelry and they are pretty much as different as guacamole and cupcakes (but both as delicious).

xx The Purple Dahlia xx
Old Roommate J. started making shiny things when we were living together.  One of her first creations for the masses was a necklace she made for me called the Chloe.  It was modeled on a necklace that Mary Lynn Rajskub rocked (hard) on 24 (yes, that's a picture of it).  It was so gorgeous and apparently it helped J. realize that she could probably start making all the dollars by selling them (rather than just giving them to her roommates).  But when my apartment got broken into, she made me these gorgeous earrings (seriously?? I have the greatest friends) that occasionally catch the light from the window and make rainbows all over my wall and I squeal with glee. Anyway, now she makes gorgeous sparkly things for rurl and if you live in the Dallas area she will do a jewelry party with you (including food - which, if I know J. probably includes cupcakes and Pillsbury cinnamon rolls.  Win.)

Things I love?  This Bracelet. and These Earrings. (omg, that Blue!)

Albina Tritina
SBM is one of the stunning ladies I occasionally am lucky enough to share a stage with for some Funny Funny Make-em-ups. Last year for my birthday she made me this jaw dropping necklace that I wore on the most special of occasions.  And then this year?  She made me another one - also just for looking really fancy.  Every time I wear it people compliment it.  The last time I wore it, 2 compliments in 30 seconds.  No joke. If Very Unique was a thing. This jewelry would be it (in the best way possible).  AND Her Etsy page does not do her stuff justice.  She has a billion things that are stunning, go there and then ask if you can see the back room.

Things I love?  This Necklace and This Necklace (asymmetrical? so hot right now).

And if jewelry isn't your thing -

Maggie's Stained Glass
My friend C-sea's mom hand-makes stained glass.  Just the thought of taking on something so challenging boggles my mind, but she does it and they are fantastic (guys, I am running out of adjectives in this post, but I mean no hyperbole, all of the everything I am talking about here is amazeballs).  For Christmas she has little angels and Christmas trees but there are also amazing all the time things for your naked window or door or really anywhere that gets light.  (Mantle? Bookshelf? the possibilities are endless!)

Things I love? This Flower and This Star (not for sale, but you should probably call her immediately and ask her to make you one special)

Seriously.  This year is the year of shopping small.  It was going to be the year of handmade presents, but I have already thrown in the towel on that one. I am excited to visit my local craft fairs and buy all the things off of the Etsy (but carefully...if Regretsy has taught me anything it's that you need to seriously investigate before you buy...still totally worth it). 

I probably will not sleep in a park anytime soon, but I think this is just as meaningful a way to make your voice heard.

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Julia said...

Thanks for the plug, lady!
I had totally forgotten about the "Chloe" necklace. How the time flies...

oh, and my new thing? Nutella Pie.
Check it out:

My poor, poor pancreas

She's pint-sized and amazing.