Monday, December 12, 2011

Book 19 - The Cookbook Collector

Two books. 20 days. I can do this.  I might even finish the stack of New Yorkers while I am at it.  Believe in your dreams, guys.  Or my dreams anyway.

I did not do this book justice.  This book deserves a bubble bath, with candles and a nice bottle of wine.  Instead it got dirty, dirty train cars as I gulped it on commutes.

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I probably will never read it again, but I loved every second of reading it. It had the occasional moments of Jane Austen-esque squeals and great moments of page-turning anticipation.

It also had some serious, serious eye rolling.  I think it only took four or five pages before there was a Chez Panisse reference.  Of course.  And the deus ex machina at the end (that I was seriously waiting for because Miss Goodman wrote herself into a serious corner with a few of the relationships in this book) was well done, but kind of frustrating because it just seemed too easy.

Also, I pretty much glossed over all of the IPO business.  I think I saw VC six or seven times before I took the time to figure out it meant venture capitalist.  I also glossed over most of the religious gobble-de-gook, it bothers me when people try to push a religious agenda on me while I am reading their novels, even when its subtle and unoffensive.  I read novels to get away from agendas.  Stop ruining everything.

That being said - it was a delight.  It made me really hungry.  And it made me want to spend time researching old books (and buy a beautiful house on the West Coast).

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