Wednesday, December 21, 2011

In the line

This blog post coming to you from the security line at Midway airport where we are all just trying to getthroughthis. The woman behind me is traveling with a cat that clearly has not been tranquilized into blissful, happy, not-meowing appropriate kitty traveling state. Everyone is mostly silent, 6 am being a little early for waiting-in-line carols. But most importantly - I am going to save the day on my flight by being the one person not using the overhead bin. It wasn't my choice but I had to check my bag and so now I am a one bag, under the seat, lady.

Merry traveling. Let's all get through this without cutting in line.

Edited to add - the holidays aren't complete without the TSA official who calls you little lady and then says "Spank You." Merry Holidays from the US Government. Your tax dollars at work.

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She's pint-sized and amazing.