Wednesday, December 07, 2011

home bones

It's happening.  I get this feeling as soon as a trip backs to Maryland looms ever so closely on the horizon.  Like the minutes before a sunrise.  I want to be back home so much it aches in my rib cage.

And its never practical or normal.  Its stalking craigslist for apartments, finding jobs and picking new favorite sushi places.  Its thinking about seeing my friends without an excuse and getting to see my cousins so much that I don't notice they're growing.

The feelings will pass, because I most assuredly do not want to live in my Mother's house (which is the truth of life over Christmas vacation) and I am fairly certain that having jobs that make you frustrated is not something relegated to the central time zone but right now, it aches.

And so I fill this ache - with cupcakes, ginger bread lattes and waffle fries so that when I finally get home, I will probably be 2,000 pounds.

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