Wednesday, March 19, 2014

10 nice things about today

Most of today was pretty terrible. I was consistently unimpressed by how this Wednesday treated me. But, since I am trying so gd hard to be happy, here are all the good bits.

1- I sidecoached baby brother into cooking up this amazing, healthy meal with bonus quinoa.

And he gave us the recipe for his secret sauce.

2- I played hooky for an hour to go to Target with some of my work friends even though I had not actually done any work yet.

3- I ran into 20-MelEvans at Target because, apparently, she only exists in physical form inside of Chicagoland Target stores.

4- I got to see both of my favorite far away babies in real-time pictures today. They are the most adorable far away babies and they make my heart so happy.

5- 'Bear had her first grown-up job interview today!

6- I had no shame about eating all the toppings and cheese off of my pizza and leaving the bottom and crust. I am absolutely #sorrynotsorry

7- I had a nice chat with a lady who has all the dollars. She was the nicest.

8- I got mail!

9- It was raincoat warm, but chilly enough that I could still wear a perfect fuzzy scarf without looking weird. If it's the best we can do, I will take it.

10- I entered my very first work March Madness tournament. Seven years of full time work and finally I work in a place big enough and competitive enough to place bets on 19 year olds!

It helps. Take time to think the nice things.

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