Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Meals: cravings without the carbs

At this point in the Lent game, I was under the impression that the cravings would have subsided and I would be ready to live a sugar and grain free existence for the rest of my days.

Except not at all. I miss carbs every day. How do people do this for forever? Gah.

But, we are so close (right? RIGHT?) so its just like another three weeks and then waffles All. Day.

Anyway - right now, I am trying to dodge free donuts and savor all the fruit (and wine) that I am allowing myself to eat as "treats."

And I am trying to figure out ways to eat the things I love leaving out the bready-goodness.

Here are three thoughts on some standard craving foods:


Chipotle bowl-style that business. No rice, no shell, and just all the good stuff. You can put it all on a bed of lettuce and call it a "taco salad" if you are feeling really fancy or just give yourself some extra guac and cheese and go to town.


I have been relying on this one a fair amount recently. I basically am making turkey sandwiches with cheese instead of bread. The best kept secret of not-sandwiches-sandwiches is to take a piece of the meat and the cheese and roll them up with a slice of avocado in the center. WHAT? You're welcome.  Also, add pickles to things. Just like, eat pickles all the time.


This is a little bit harder, but I was pleasently surprised when I found this recipe for eggplant pizza. I made it last night and it was stupid easy and delighfully delicious. Its important that you let the eggplant sweat for half an hour or so before cooking them. Also, bonus opportunity to play "How does the boiler work?"

It'll be fine! We are going to get through this. We can take away our bread but we can never take away our dignity or our cheese.

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