Thursday, March 27, 2014

The adorable secret (a love letter to Zooborns)

4 otter

Guys, I have found the secret to positive and successful professional relationships at work.

Pictures of baby animals.

Anytime someone does something nice for me, or I do something nice for someone else - I find a reason to send them a picture of a baby animal.

It is solid gold in the professional development co-worker winning over department.

It may be that since I work in an office of predominately women, I have an edge over all of you Wall Street types. But we work hard and we are stressed and tired about 115% of the time and there is something to be said for an adorable baby otter making it all better even just for a moment.

I could not do this without Zooborns. And you shouldn't try it either. Zooborns is my go-to baby animal pick-me-up picture provider. You cannot go wrong.

Zooborns has been keeping me from crying at my desk since like 2010. Thank you for three years of adorable stress relief.

Happy Thursday, baby Otter, we're almost at the weekend.


William Earl Amis Jr III said...

This has been an amazing share. I love the thought and immediately put it in use. Yet, I use it for my Gift & Greeting Card business. I get to create my words and the art. Then press the button and everything else is done for me. I send them all over the world for about a buck.

I would have never thought to bring joy and happiness to others with using baby picture of animals born in zoo's. I have to send one to myself.

Thank you for this original idea, I was running out of pictures.

Rachel said...

Isn't Zooborns the best?! I love them. Thanks for reading!

She's pint-sized and amazing.