Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I can now build a snowman

I was super embarrassed to admit this for most of the winter, but now I can come clean:

I finally saw Frozen.

It was one of those things where I didn't get the memo early in the game and then it was the holidays and I was 29 and then it seemed like everyone had seen it already.

I will admit that I have a serious codependency issue but seeing a Disney movie all alone sounded really sad and slightly creepy so I just kept waiting.

Then the music started popping up on my "Book of Mormon," Pandora station and I was getting sliiiiiightly obsessed with the songs. Then on Saturday night while getting ready to go out, I found myself on the floor of my closet, half dressed with my laptop in my lap just listening to it all over and over on Spotify and I realized I had a problem because I had no idea what this music met.

Thank goodness, Cousin K was in almost an identical boat and we made plans to see it assoonaspossible.

And that was tonight. It was a fine Disney movie, slightly over hyped, full of really ridiculous plot holes and unanswered questions but my main beef was the dress they put Elsa in when she became the snow queen.  Why'd they dress her up like Jessica Rabbit in blue? And after so many lovely, elegant costume choices it was like, "I'm doing my own thing...and I am going to dress kind of skanky about it."

I mean, she is doing her own thing, so it is fine, but I just feel like we could have conceived of a more practical dress for life in an ice castle.

Also? Turns out Let it Go doesn't actually mean what I thought it meant, and its kind of sad. So I'm going to stop using it as my power anthem.

But I love the movie for its very heartwarming message of family over boys if you are really looking for some examples of true love.

And I want a reindeer. And as Chicago gears up for its seven billionth snowstorm of the winter, I can finally ask with all sincerity and understanding, "Do you wanna build a snowman?"

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