Monday, March 03, 2014

Kisses, and Masks, and Tea, oh my! J'adore Vox Box Review

I love trying new things and I especially love trying new things that I get sent in the mail.

When Influenster said they were sending me the J'adore Vox Box, I was basically counting down the minutes to that box of goodies arriving at my door step. It did not disappoint.

February is so bleak and terrible, it was so fun to have a whole box of fun new things to enjoy.

First things first: the candy.

Boyfriend and I have a terribly-wonderful sweet tooth and there is always candy around. I really love Hershey kisses, because they're so colorful and fun to decorate with:

Mason jar + Hershey kisses = instant happy.

I have been battling some sort of gross sinus-y, cold blechness for what feels like 400 years and have been mainlining tea all month. We have become tea snobs as of late, but there was no shame in the Red Rose Tea game. Sweet enough without milk or sugar and perfect for on the couch, under blankets, getting stuff done.

Over this weekend, I took on the 3 days of straight hair challenge with this John Frieda 3 Day Straight spray.

I was delightfully impressed with how straight my hair stayed all weekend. I would throw it up in a ponytail to shower, and then just finger comb it out and that wasy it. So simple, which is ideal because I am incredibly lazy in the "doing my hair in the morning" department.

We were running around all weekend which made this even more perfect of a product. I did not even manage to snap a picture until bedtime on all three nights but all weekend my hair was straight and not greasy or chunky or weird at all.

This morning I took advantage of a lazy morning off and had a little bit of a #snowdayspaday and tested out this Boots Beauty botanics mask.

It was way more liquidy than I was imagining which lead to mask all over my bathroom floor, but once I shook it up a bit and squeezed a little more carefully, I managed to get most of it on my face.

It dried nicely and came off with just some warm water and left my skin feeling clean and free of impurities (I am assuming that is what the feeling was). It left it pretty dry, so I threw on some extra moisturizer and I was ready to go.

I haven't had a fun opportunity to break out the eyelashes yet, they'll get their own post, but this box is so much fun to play with and luxuriate in until Spring.

Influenster sent me this box of goodies for free, which was cool, right? But I was honest about my feelings about all of these things even though they sent to me for testing purposes. If you want Influenster to send you fun, free things to try go here: Influenster Invite

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