Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Him and Her.

It embarasses me to admit that I do not see enough live theater.  I live in a city chock-full of theater opportunities and yet, when I am not a person on stage, I am rarely get myself together to sit in the audience.

Which is mega frustrating because when I do go to the theater, it is always So. So. (So!) worth it.

One of my new, lovely Improvised Jane Austen companions, Kate, told us all about 2 for $20 tickets for the traveling party called Tristan and Yseult going down at Chicago Shakes.

(Brief digression, this deal might still be good if you get tickets for tomorrow - Thursday.  Get thee to the Chicago Shakes website and buy tickets for Thursday, April 3 and use the promo code "CST20" during checkout.  I cant make any promises, but it is worth it if you do not have Thursday night plans.)

Guys. This show was the tits. It was so good.  Which I feel dumb saying because everything I see there is good.  Just like how nearly everything I see everywhere in the city is good. Why don't I do it more?! (PS. It's not this month, but some month of Be Happy will be dedicated to theater, this is just a teaser).

Seriously, even if you cannot get $10 tickets to this show, get some rich sugar momma to buy you the $60 version. It is worth it even that price.

Apparently Kneehigh Theater's jam is they take things that already exist and make them super awesome. And then sometimes they hop the pond and all of us dumb Americans get to oogle them.

Here are some things this show reminded me of.

1- I like British Accents.
2- I love trampoline bits.
3- Balloons are more fun when you don't knot them.

All of the actors in this show played at least two parts, played a musical instrument, sing, dance, use multiple accents, light fires, stage fight, and could probably solve crimes or perform open heart surgery if it was in the script.  British theater-trained actors are amazing.

Seriously, go see this or go see something else. But you should probably go see this.  You're welcome, Chicago.

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