Monday, April 07, 2014

Monday Meals: On Shame.

This past weekend was rough in the keeping our promises department.

After the victorious weigh in at work last week, and being sick (and therefore pathetic) all weekend I made some slip ups.  In the form of a very small chocolate covered strawberry, two bites of chocolate cake, several bites of blueberry donut, and exactly 5 french fries.

Yikes, dudes.

While all of these things were delicious in their own right, the minute after I ate all of them I was like, "meh, I could have done without that."

Which made it doubly frustrating. Because I had eaten it and immediately was bummed for cheating.

I am just legit missing sweet stuff (the french fries were because my friends were worried I had not eaten enough before drinking on Saturday night and they thought I was going to get sick. So thoughtful, they are).

This is HARD. Its rough. I miss sweet things after lunch and dinner. I miss sweet breakfast. I'm shoveling fruit and gluten-free granola in my gapping maw as a replacement and its super lame.

So we know that this won't be for forever. Which is great. There is no reason it needs to be. But today I come at you on the interwebs from a place of honesty. I do not know how people for-real for-real give up these things and make it seem so easy. It has not been easy. It's been the worst.

Also, real quick, this could not be more #firstworldproblems if it tried. I get that. I need to find real things to complain about eventually. But! For now...

This is super sucky. And today, we're just going to be aware of how hard it is to give up something you love. And then hit the ground running for the next two weeks.

Let's go.

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