Friday, April 18, 2014

Passing the Bar

This weekend I went to this amazing politics and television festival that was basically six or so hours spent ogling my favorite on-screen people and listening to them talk about how amazing they and their work are - not lying it was a 2014 highlight for sure.

On my way to the festival I panicked about having enough food to eat- 12 pm-6 pm is a tricky time, especially on a Saturday when I don't even think about breakfast until well past 9:45 am.

I ducked into one of Hyde Park's fancy coffee shop market places and hemmed and hawed about what would be the best choice for a carb-ish/gluten-ish free snack.

I stumbled upon a whole shelf of bars and scooped up all three of these in the name of science and the small hope that some sort of natural disaster would hit and Bradley Whitford would need to share my Kind bar.

What ended up happening was one crazy Saturday and the a crazy Monday and Tuesday. This experiment could not have come at a better time as I haven't managed to be doing anything except working or sleeping for more than 30 minutes the past few days.

I was delighted to find that all three of these bars taste pretty fantastic. I purposefully got peanut butter and coconut flavored ones as those are always dominate flavors that do a good job of masking all the healthy business.

The Jimmy Bar was the only one I had never heard of, and talk about an unsung hero - I snarfed this at 11:00 am on Monday with a clementine and a cup of coffee and it kept me full until well past 6:00 pm. I only ate my hummus and veggies because I started to feel bad for them.

The Kind bar was the most delicious, probably due to its generous lack of dates, but it also kept me full the longest. It needed to be crumbled up and put in yogurt (apparently you can buy Kind granola which I will be doing) to be an actual full snack.

Larabar wins for having the most appetizing flavor variety. I was torn in the hipster bodega for which sounded the best. I regret not going chocolate. I think that even with the overwhelming after-taste of dates, it would have been worth it.

Normally, I would never spend $2 on anything that isn't slathered in icing and delayed regretful sugar high, but in a pinch it is nice to know that all three of these options could keep me going for most of a day without tasting too healthy to be satisfying.

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