Friday, April 04, 2014

Be Happy 2014. Ears Open. Eyes Up.

So last month was about making my body look good.  This month is about making my mind look good and fixing my jacked-up social skills.

I read this (fairly old) New York Times Op-Ed and it rings so true.

I have diagnosed myself with a terrible case of FOMO (Fear of Missing out, FYI) and Facebook only exacerbates it. Add that to my ADD and my general low self-esteem, I find myself constantly checking facebook to find out what else is happening. Just in case there is something else happening, and because I am not part of this one part of the conversation happening in front of me and because is there something I am going to be sad I am not involved in.

Enough, Grandipants. Get your shit together and enjoy the lovely people who are willing to hang out with you face-to-face. April is all about putting the phone away and enjoying the precious few moments I get to spend with real human people.

So. I deleted facebook from my phone, because it is like a bad crack habit. The goal is to keep the phone away.  We are starting here with this. I cannot wait to enjoy my friends and all the wonderful things they say in actual talking.

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