Thursday, April 03, 2014

Be Happy 2014. Be fit and that girl

So I spent all of March working out like a little work horse who is entered into a contest to lose weight.

I have talked about how much I enjoyed Air Aerial Fitness, and Tuesday night really sealed the deal for me.  After taking about 20 classes in 30 days, I found myself one of the people following the "advanced modification" directions.  I caught new girls giving me the side-eye.

No one in the history of ever has given me a side-eye in an athletic capacity. I am always the girl looking at other girls with a mix of jealousy and grouchiness. But I caught that look pointed in my direction and I was full of glee. Hurrah for the smallest and shallowest of victories.

Then today was my weigh-in for the fitness competition at work.  And I am mad at myself for slipping and chowing down on spinach dip last weekend, but even with that - I lost 13 pounds and 7% of my body fat plus a solid 6 inches off my waist in two months.

As the trainer who took all my measurements said, "Ya crushed it."

I know that this is will take an insane amount of maintenance. There are still three weeks without carbs and I am trying to figure out a workout plan that is fun and engaging and will allow me to maintain this body that I am almost-satisfied with - but for tonight I celebrate with maybe doing some planks during the commercials. Orrr, just eat dinner (butternut squash soup and cauliflower salad) and rub my belly in satisfaction.

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