Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Meals, victory-ish lap

I had big dreams and high hopes about this final Monday Meal post. I have been rocking this past week like carb-less whoa and have been doing research and development like a real live blogger.

But my day started at 8, and ended at 9:30 and I am just so gd don knowing full well that I'm not done until the powers that be say I am done. 

So without any energy (I will find some tomorrow, I hope) I present you with this week's Monday Meal.

That's right. Champagne. Not just any champagne. Two-day-old champagne. In my favorite monogrammed mason jar. 

I will stab you in the throat if you even think about the fact that champagne might have, like, A carb in it. Shut your life and let me have this.

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John said...


She's pint-sized and amazing.