Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tommy Crommy and feeling dumb - a book review

I finally (finally) slugged my way all the way through Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall.

Ugh, that was an ugly journey through some years of Thomas Cromwell's life. I alittlebit feel like they happened in real time. 

My book report on this would go:
First Thomas Cromwell was poor and a little kid. Then he was friends foreign people. Then he was friends with the Cardinal. Then the cardinal died and he was friends with King Henry. He had a lot of friends but also a lot people hated him. Most people in this book died. The end.

The writing was relaxed and super oldey-timey delightful to read in my head that whole pages would go by before I realized I had no what was actually going on. At any rate, apparently our boy, TC had quite the life, from what I gleaned from the 55% of the book that I comprehended.

I know this is the beginning of a trilogy, but for me - it might also be the end. I shy away from culture that makes me feel like a stupid dummy. Even though, like my maternal line before me, I have a strange obsession with Henry8. I want to get through some books that don't make me feel mildly illiterate before I consider hopping back on this bandwagon. 

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