Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hockey Stress

I don't often believe in myself, but I rarely say I can't do something. I can almost always find a way to makeitwork. It comes from a lifetime of being the oldest sibling and years and years of working in hectic situations with not nearly enough support and a crowd people always saying, "It must be done."

So I do.

But I have uncovered something I cannot do.

In these weeks of stress that I am just completely drowning in - I cannot watch playoff hockey.

Playoff hockey gives me an anxiety like nothing else. I get physically ill - I can feel the stress balls clogging up my heart until I'm pretty sure they just cut off all oxygenated blood cells and I fall down.

Do the Blackhawks know that it does not have to go to overtime. That we could just end this madness in three periods and everyone can get to bed at a normal hour? Do they know they can just score all the points right away so we can all go home?

I need the Blackhawks to make it through the rest of this week of playoffs before I can reclaim my spot on the playoff bandwagon. Just a few more days guys. You can do it.

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